is a word game that combines one's vocabulary knowledge and also the ability to arrange letters into words from a 15x15 playing field of pseudo-randomly generated letters. 

How to play 
1. Start to form words by clicking on letters that are adjacent to the one previously clicked (adjacent = any of the 8 letters surrounding a previously clicked letter, and also the previously clicked letter itself). Click "GO" after the word is formed
2. Start to form the next word similarly as 1, but must be "connected" to any of the previously formed words(at least one of the letters must be already used in the previous formed words) 
3. When the formed words touch the edges of all the 4 sides, you are done! 
4. Scores : Lx-y where L stands for level, x = the length of the shortest word formed in the game, e.g. if the shortest word you form is with a length of 2, then you score L2. y = the number of word formed with the shortest lengths, e.g. if you form 5 shortest words with length of 2, then your score is L2-5. You should try to achieve the highest x and the lowest y to have a good score.


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                                                                                                    youtube demo


                                                                     Available via Apple's iTunes / App Store 

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